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Please explore interviews and features, and go behind the scenes of the book's creation with author Maurice Possley and with Michael Segal himself.

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For the Work of Maurice Possley

  • "Here's a captivating tale of valor and devotion ---to God, to spouse, to country---woven with newly disclosed details of an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler. A masterful piece of historical detective work!"

    Lee Strobel


  • "Maurice is one of the best investigative journalists in the nation, and one of the most thorough reporters I have ever met."

    Andrew Cohen

    Chief Legal Editor and Analyst, CBS News

  • "In a city full of good stories, Maurice Possley and Rick Kigan have chosen to tell one of the truly great ones. Teh characters are fascinating as they fall through the looking glass into the murky moral wonderland that is Chicago."

    Harold Ramis

    Film Director & Screenwriter

  • "Kogan and Possley give us the best Chicago crime story since the St. Valentine's Day Massacre."

    Bill Kurtis

    Award Winning Investigative Reporter, CBS News

  • "This is a finely muscled tale. Kogan and Possley know firsthand the gritty inner workings of American crime and justice."

    David Mamet

    Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright and Filmmaker

  • "This is the real-life story of a mob hit man and how he was brought to justice, principally through the courage of an average guy willing to say, 'I saw what I saw.' It is an amazing tale, beautifully told, and riveting from its opening sentence to the final page."

    Scott Turow

    Best-Selling Author

Reader Reviews

Reactions to Conviction at Any Cost

  • “A fascinating, disturbing and timely story about the potential for abuse of power by federal prosecutors. Maurice Possley’s book will make you question the legitimacy of our system of justice – and it should.”

    John F. Hollway

    Associate Dean, Penn Law Executive Director, Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice

  • "After reading this book I am speechless. It is incomprehensible to me that this sordid story could have played out in this country. We are supposed to be a country that has checks and balances between the 3 branches of government and indeed within each branch. It is shocking to see that in each case where there were opportunities to right wrongs, the checks and balances failed or were ignored. If a movie had been made with this plot people would have said it was good fiction. Sadly this book is real."

    Jay. S

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